Best Free Weather Widgets and Apps for Android

As an Android user, you can install thousands of free apps via the Android market, but which one is your most-wanted? The weather app of course. Don’t look down on it, that tiny little think will not just provide you real-time weather report, more importantly, the weather widget integrate with clock will make your home screen look different. Plus, the animation and sound effect like cloud, raining, lightning striking make the weather report even more vivid.

Well, one thing you got to admit is, the best weather app is on HTC sense, and I think most of people will agree with me, it could also be said, almost every single piece of weather widget was inspired by HTC’s. For those who are not HTC users, don’t be jealous, there are also a lot of something cool for you, beside, HTC sense does not support a few 2G network. Just check the apps below, hopefully they can help.

GO Weather
GO Weather is an uber-cool weather app for your android phones with cool UI and no ads. You are presented with a clean, uncluttered user interface, and satin-smooth animation giving you un-matched user experience.

GO Weather delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time. With access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and tens of thousands of locations around the world, GO Weather is ad-free weather application that goes all-out on the eye candy and includes dazzling high definition videos, taking your weather experience to the next-level.

Features including
- Live, local weather conditions and forecasts
- Gorgeous 3D high-definition weather videos
- High-impact visual eye candy and satin-smooth animation
- Access up to tens of thousands of locations around world
- Fast access to saved locations (up to 10)
- Cached weather data for offline viewing
- Desktop Widget
- LIVE Wallpaper included

MIUI Digital Weather Clock
MIUI Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather & forecast
MIUI Digital Weather Clock size 4×2. Widgets on Android work a bit differently than a normal application. Unlike regular programs they don’t just install themselves in the application tray so you have to add them manually. They will not open or launch. Here’s how to add a widget on your Android home screen.

It features:
12/24 hr+Color on all info displayed
System Stats Info + pop-up
Weather & Forecast
2 Forecast layouts(user choice)
+tap bottom right->preferences
+tap bottom left->system information dialog
+tap weather icon->forecast
+tap Hour->launch anything!(more coming)
+tap Minutes->launch anything!

Animated Weather Widget, Clock
Animated Weather forecast: realistic video effects, detailed world data. Free!
Digital Clock widget 4×2 with Weather forecast application and live wallpapers. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world.

Different size widgets with a clock and a forecast for the selected day.
- Desktop widgets with digital clock
- Animated daily weather forecast
- Realistic Video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow
- Multiple scene landacapes
- Custom (user-defined) backgrounds
- Global world weather
- 50000+ locations worldwide
- Auto update forecast
- Data in Metric/Imperial
- Geolocation (GPS Search)

World Weather Clock Widget
World Weather Clock Widget with GPS (and status bar) allows you check weather forecasts and current conditions, time and date for any location. And you can check 5 days detailed forecasts. Plus, you can check the current weather and the rain fall probability in the status bar.

* GPS based forecast (Including wind, humidity, rain probability)
* You can check the rain probability and weather forecasts all over the world (197+ countries).
* Show the forecast in the status bar.
* 3 icon styles and 4 backgrounds
* Weekly weather forecasts
* Compact display mode for incompatible handsets
* Show a day, day of the week and year in the widget
* Settings for refresh rate and time adjustment
* Translations for 20+ languages

Top Trend Free Girl Games for Android

Games is a very popular genre of apps these years on Android platform, and it will keep on dominating the platform for years. The amount of games here are too many, sometime we miss numers of high-quality new games but instead we happen to play a lot of terrible ones, that was pretty awful. To avoid this kind of thing happens, I will introduce you some real deals, and I can promise you that, they are all brand new installments and great for you to play, enjoy it!

Fishing Game (Download)
The game is about a small fish plays alone in an ocean,without knowing danger is coming close to him, help him survive in these dangerous waters. In this world,the stronger is the winner,this is the number one rule,avoid those enemies stronger than the small fish,or he would get eaten by those stronger enemies.

Pros: The game is very easy for you to operate, just tap and move fingers on screen to move the small fish.
Tips: You must follow the rules while you play: eat the fish smaller than yourself, avoid the fish bigger than yourself and eat enough fish to grow up.

Dragon Hunter II (Download)
Feelingtouch Inc. brings back the popular tower-defense game sequel Dragon Hunter II to Android. The game features new boss and more powerful magic. In the game you must attack the dragons to protect your castle. You can shoot arrows by moving your fingers on the screen, earn coins when kill dragons, collect food use your boat after dragon dead, collect food use your boat after dragon dead, repair your castle with your repairman and use your mages to kill them all.

Pros: Numberous weapons and items are applied, you can choose one you prefer.
Tips: Magic like Fire mage, Ice mage, Wind mage and light mage, increase your magic power. Boss with 3 different weapon and magic.

Teris (Download)
Loved by hundreds of millions of players worldwide, Teris finally arrives Android, this all-time blockbuster is an absolute essential for your Android smartphone. You can slide, rotate, and drop your Tetriminos into place with touchscreen ease. Know and improve your high score. The more you play, the better you’ll get.

Pros: Tetris is one of the best-selling mobile games ever. This is the real Tetris game for Android.
Tips: You can also listen to a catchy remix of the famous Tetris theme song during breaks.

Restaurant Live (Download)
Restaurant Live is a game for restaurant lovers to play with their friends. Establish a five-star restaurant of your dreams and build up the reputation of your restaurant to bring in more customers and unlock bigger and better items. Customers will bustle around your restaurant, finding their seats, eating their food. Don’t forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty new dishes.

Pros: The game features design and build a five-star restaurant with visually stunning decoration.
Tips: Don’t forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty new dishes.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free (Download)
Tom is your cat that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. Since Tom is now an international celebrity, he’s moved out of the alley and into a cool apartment. But everything is not perfect for Tom, his neighbour Ben teases and pesters him constantly.

Pros: Very easy to play and you will definitely enjoy the laughter with Tom.
Tips: Record videos of Tom and share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them by email or MMS.

Cinemagram Finally Arrives on Android: Hit the Download Button!

After Instagram (Download) joined Android plaform for a whole year, another long-awaited killer level photo sharing/social app finally arrives on Android recently, which is Cinemagram (Download). Unlike Instagram and any other photo sharing apps, Cinemagram allows user to shoot an animated GIF or turn portions of a video into a single still image, leaving only a small area of the picture with movement.

It’s more similar with Vine, a popular video sharing app owned by Twitter, allows user to make 6-second videos and share them with friend via social network. However, Vine did not hit Android yet as Cinemagram’s main opponent in the market, therefore the expansion of Cinemagram will definitely grab the chance and present a better work to its new user-group.

Cinemagram is a place to create and share beautiful, short videos, you will find out why millions of users love and use Cinemagram. This app is very earsy to use, you just need simply 3 steps: 1. Record a short looping 4s video; 2. Apply awesome special effects with filters; 3. Instantly Share to Facebook, Twitter, and you can share GIFs to Tumblr as well. Plus, it also features:

Free unlimited uploads

Instantly Share GIFs to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Special effects – Stunning video filters, speed,and looping to create movie-like visual effects.

Artistic Cinemagraphs – Create magical hybrids between photo & video.

Direct Messaging.

Interact with your friends’ posts with likes, reposts, and comments.

Explore and discover great content through hashtags, categories and trending posts.

And so much more!